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Retaining Walls—Design and Installation in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area

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Retaining walls, design, installation, materials, equipment rentals, and labor are all major factors for any retaining wall installation.  Whether you need a retaining wall for a driveway or carport, or you need complex retaining walls for terraced landscaping or facing a street, Duffy’s Outdoor is the local company to call.

As your local St. Louis and St. Charles, area landscaper, and yard-maintenance business, Duffy’s Outdoor provides you with a thorough assessment, estimate and/or project bid.  We provide estimates and bids for homeowners, commercial property owners or even for municipal or county landscaping projects.

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Pricing Factors for Retaining Walls, Design and Installation

There are many factors to consider when pricing your retaining wall(s) project(s).  These factors include the retaining wall’s design, the installation, construction of retaining walls, land excavation, excavation equipment rental, sod, turf, lawn installation and grass seeding, recessed or decorative exterior lighting, stone, other materials, and labor expenses.  Of course, you need to consider how a retaining wall—even a simple one—can affect drainage (you may need a drainage system), water runoff in downpours, and how the new retaining wall will fit with existing hardscaping and landscaping.

As an example of how pricing can vary, consider a concrete driveway retaining wall; undoubtedly, it will be less expensive than multi-faceted, terraced stonework retaining walls designed with decorative lighting and expensive stones.

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Integrating New Retaining Walls into Landscapes and Permits

Retaining walls, designed for integration into an already designed landscape or hardscapes (pool areas, decks, patios, etc.) can also increase your expenses.  Also, matching previous work can be meticulous, time-consuming and even expensive.

Also, find out if you need permits for excavation and construction.  All of these factors change work /labor estimates when any company estimates or offers a project bid.

With the age of some metropolitan residential properties (and commercial properties) you may need local permits, specifically for historic buildings—a real possibility for historical residences, such as in downtown St. Charles.  Many of these residential and commercial properties must have retaining walls facing streets because of the extremely uneven terrain.

General Landscape and Yard Maintenance Services

Duffy’s Outdoor also performs pond cleaning, yard maintenance, landscaping maintenance and upkeep, and other services.  Be sure to get a retaining wall quote from an experienced retaining wall contractor—contact Duffy’s Outdoor today!

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