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Design and Installation Retaining Wall Quote for St. Louis or St. Charles Homes and Commercial Properties

Always get a thorough retaining wall quote for any design, construction, repairs or maintenance on retaining walls, stepped retaining walls, terraces or other landscape and hardscape features.  As a full-service, St. Louis land design contractor, Duffy’s Outdoor offers consultations, design services, installation/implementation of retaining walls, designing, installing and finishing hardscapes and landscaping that you want or need completed.

Request a quote on any services, or if you are interested in a retaining wall quote, discuss the options with the professionals at Duffy’s Outdoor.

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Always Get a Retaining Wall Quote and Quote on Related Services

Get a retaining wall quote for design, implementation, installation and finishing including any additional work that you need for hardscapes or landscaped retaining walls such as irrigation, water drainage, trenches, French drains or other essential equipment to keep your retaining walls, stonework paths and hardscapes safe for visitors.

We offer residential and commercial customers a wide range of landscaping services:

  • A thorough retaining wall quote including time, labor, expenses (stonework and/or exterior lighting for example) and finishing options including sod, turf, grass and landscaping around the retaining wall
  • Quotes for complex land gradients including stepped retaining walls, terraced retaining walls or other complex features
  • Quotes for retaining walls for property bordering roads and highways
  • Options for stonework, layout, designs and also for stonework to integrate into pathways, pool areas, concrete driveways, patios, decks or other paved or rock surfaces
  • Full-service maintenance options for landscaped areas or for periodic maintenance on retaining walls themselves
  • Repairs to existing retaining walls
  • Great customer service

We can assist you with just building the designated retaining wall or walls, install the stonework, and any exterior lighting (whether recessed in the retaining walls, on pathways, or elsewhere) that you need, and also work on any drainage you need on the lawn or landscape.

Get a full retaining wall quote and a quote on any additional services as well as an estimate on the time for completing the project.

Duffy’s Outdoor Provides Options for Customers

We offer a wide range of options for installing retaining walls, irrigation and sprinkler systems, hardscapes, pathways, drainage systems, and for general landscaping services including maintenance and upkeep.

Some of the services and options to consider when requesting a retaining wall quote include:

  • Thorough inspection of the lawn or landscaped area including your desired location for retaining walls
  • Recommendations on the feasibility of putting a retaining wall where you want it
  • Designs to integrate into your landscaping, hardscaping or architecture
  • Recommendations for drainage or indications about how a retaining wall can change your local water runoff
  • Maintenance options if your walls are in used in conjunction with drainage, general landscaping or for erosion control
  • Retaining walls may also be used in conjunction with pools, ponds and other water features requiring ongoing or seasonal maintenance
  • Integration into existing or proposed hardscapes such as pathways, terraces, steps, pool areas, patios, concrete patios and decks, or even as part of parking lots
  • Options for essential or decorative exterior lighting

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