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Retaining Wall Contractor Serving the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and St. Charles, Missouri

Duffy’s Outdoor, your commercial and residential retaining wall contractor for services throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and in St. Charles, Missouri, offers a wide range of landscaping, irrigation and drainage solutions, retaining wall installations, concrete driveway installations, hardscape installations, and even exterior lighting for residential and commercial projects.  Whether your project is small or large, we urge you to get a consultation—we may have recommendations regarding the feasibility or your project or ways to save you money on your residential or commercial retaining wall installations.

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If you need a retaining wall contractor for small residential projects or for large commercial projects, then you can always rely on the experts at Duffy’s Outdoor. Smaller residential projects requiring a retaining wall contractor may include a retaining wall for a carport, for a backyard door entryway, hardscapes, pool areas, patios or for ponds, pathways or even to work in conjunction with drainage systems or water runoff in your yard.

Get a Retaining Wall Contractor for Complex Land Gradients

With years of experience in the business and in working on high-end residential projects and commercial projects throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area, one thing we at Duffy’s Outdoor, homeowners, and commercial property owners know about the hills, knolls, cliffs and plains around the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, is that yards or commercial properties are rarely flat!  That is where our expert team can come in to solve your landscaping, excavation, retaining wall installation or landscaping irrigation and drainage needs.

Duffy’s Outdoor, your St. Louis retaining wall contractor, has years of experience working on high-end or large residential or commercial projects requiring tiered retaining walls or terraces, stepped retaining walls, or even retaining walls for property edges bordering on roads and highways.

Many yards and commercial lots in the metropolitan area may require some land excavation with replacement sod and turf—a lot of this depends on the grade, inclination or gradient of the land in question.  Also, consider adding irrigation, sprinklers and any needed lawn drainage systems for areas with considerable rainwater runoff.

If you intend to add any of these landscaping and water solutions, it will probably be considerably more affordable while excavating for your retaining walls, stonework or hardscapes.  Learn more about St. Louis land design by Duffy’s Outdoor.

Additional Landscaping Services

Additional services from Duffy’s Outdoor, your local retaining wall contractor, include:

We are your full-service, retaining wall contractor and affordable landscapers.

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