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Retaining Wall Cost

Retaining Wall Cost, Estimates and Quotes for St. Louis Metropolitan Residences and Commercial Properties

Full-Service Retaining Wall Design, Installation and Landscaping

Duffy’s Outdoor gladly offers homeowners or businesses a retaining wall cost quote and estimates on the landscaping services that you require including overall design, labor, materials pricing, outdoor lighting (if part of the project), equipment rentals (if needed) and installation service.

Duffy’s Outdoor—serving St. Louis, St. Charles, Creve Coeur, Chesterfield, Clayton, Ladue, Town & Country, Des Peres, and other metropolitan communities—is experienced in general landscaping and hardscaping design, installation and maintenance for residential, commercial, municipal, institutional, healthcare, and educational properties.  Any of these differences, and the scope of a project, will require different retaining wall cost(s) estimates for retaining wall installation.

For an Estimate on Retaining Walls, Design and Installation—Contact Duffy’s Outdoor

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Request a Full Quote for Retaining Wall Cost(s) for Your Property

Your retaining wall project starts when you request a retaining wall cost estimate quote from Duffy’s Outdoor.  We can design, excavate, build your retaining wall(s), backfill dirt accordingly, reseed where applicable, install recessed exterior lighting, place walkways, stone for paths, and perform other hardscaping and landscaping tasks to integrate your single retaining wall or multiple or terraced retaining walls.  Additional factors also include the scope of the project, length, width and height of the retaining wall and the desired materials.

A Few Factors that Are Part of a Retaining Wall Cost

Duffy’s Outdoor designs, excavates, installs/builds, and finishes retaining wall projects small and large.  Of course, the retaining wall cost depends completely on a variety of factors, so, it is best to set up an appointment so we can survey the desired location in order to provide you with the most accurate retaining wall cost that we can.

Every property is different and whether landscaping, installing retaining walls or other hardscaping is required, we can give you a full estimate of services, materials costs, brick, masonry or desired stones, rental equipment for excavation (if required, e.g. Bobcats or backhoes), labor and other factors such as the costs of integrating into existing hardscapes or matching stones or masonry.

Do Not Forget Permits for the Project

Remember that many municipalities or even counties have very stringent building codes and permitting, particularly if the wall will be on a public sidewalk or immediately facing a street or road.  Other factors to consider are historical properties:  examples of which would be downtown St. Charles, Soulard in St. Louis, and other locales that are on state or federal historical property registries.

Regardless of your project, contact Duffy’s Outdoor for retaining wall cost estimates or quotes on other landscaping or hardscape projects.

For an Estimate on Retaining Walls, Design and Installation—Contact Duffy’s Outdoor

Call Duffy’s Outdoor at (636) 861-7172

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