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Landscape Services from Duffy’s Outdoors

General St. Louis Area Landscaping Services

Duffy’s Outdoors provides general landscape services for high-end residential and commercial clients throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.   We provide consulting, site assessment, design and implementation and maintenance services for landscaped areas and hardscaping (hardscaping design, installation and maintenance).  Duffy’s Outdoor is a locally owned landscape services business and an A+ Rated BBB Member that you can count on for professional services and for recommendations for your commercial or residential property.

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One of the unique factors that St. Louis area businesses and homeowners alike contend with is the extremely varied terrain in the river valleys, hills and even ridges and cliffs in the area.  Each property is unique, each property is likely to have varied slopes and gradients, to say the least of water run-off patterns and drainage issues, so, request services from a local landscaper that has worked on many residential and commercial projects in varied terrain.

Landscape and Hardscape Services from Duffy’s Outdoor

Duffy’s Outdoor offers a range of commercial and residential landscape services for properties throughout West St. Louis County and St. Charles and the St. Louis area.  From general upkeep to designs to renovations, let us know what you want done to your property.  We have experience working on a wide range of landscaping and hardscaping projects, and we know how the terrain and seasonal weather poses particular problems for area residents.

Our residential and commercial landscape services include:

Site Assessment, Design and Consulting

  • Professional recommendations and landscape design and maintenance consulting
  • Landscaping design services and implementation
  • Complete landscape renovation and redesigns
  • Commercial landscape services for small business or large corporate campuses
  • Commercial Landscape Maintenance Programs tailored to your company's specific requirements
  • Onsite maintenance assessment and evaluations for commercial grounds or greens
  • Erosion control assessments and solutions (drainage solutions for slopes, retaining walls and hardscapes in particular)
  • Hardscaping—hardscape designs, pathways, walkways, retaining walls, patios, pool areas or decorative hardscaping
  • Irrigation system design and installation
  • Retaining wall design, excavation, construction and integration into hardscapes or landscapes
  • Residential landscape maintenance programs for high-end residential properties

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General Landscape Services (Commercial and Residential)

  • General residential lawn maintenance and mowing
  • Brush removal and seasonal fall cleanup
  • Custom-designed flower planting programs for annual or perennial plants
  • Exterior lighting installation services, recessed retaining wall lighting, hardscape lighting and seasonal, temporary or holiday lighting
  • Irrigation system repairs
  • Leaf removal and general cleanup landscape cleanup for fall and winter
  • Mulching for flowerbeds
  • Outdoor kitchens for hardscapes, BBQ pits and other amenities
  • Parking garage sweeping and cleaning
  • Paved patios, driveways and walkways along with any retaining wall installation
  • Pond maintenance and water feature maintenance and repairs; seasonal cleanups
  • Pruning trees, bushes, shrubs and plants
  • Residential landscaping services
  • Snow removal service (commercial)
  • Turf programs, sodding, re-sodding, weed control, excavation as needed

Water Features and Retaining Walls

Any water feature on the property, particularly near a retaining wall, should be a factor that you consider for design, installation and implementation of any new retaining walls and hardscapes.  Additionally, the varied terrain in the St. Louis area poses interesting challenges for water feature or retaining wall design, as slopes and varied terrain gradients all affect water drainage or rainwater run-off in different ways.

Commercial and Residential Landscape Services

Get the professional commercial or residential landscape services that you want and need from a local professional.  We will gladly work with you on general maintenance and upkeep or with designing attractive and safe landscapes, hardscapes and retaining walls.

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