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Commercial Landscaping Maintenance

Commercial Landscaping Maintenance—West St. Louis County and St. Charles, Missouri

Local Landscaping Services, Expert Care

For commercial landscaping maintenance, design services, excavation and project implementation, Duffy’s Outdoor has the local experience required for the St. Louis area’s difficult terrain, slopes and property gradients—the experience needed to provide full maintenance services for smaller businesses, or for large business campuses and business parks throughout the metropolitan area. Duffy’s Outdoor is an A+ Rated BBB Member providing a wide range of commercial landscaping services, hardscape design, installation and maintenance services, and general maintenance, property cleanup, and seasonal services.

For Commercial Landscaping Maintenance in the Western St. Louis Metro—Please Contact Duffy’s Outdoor

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St. Louis Area Commercial Landscaping Maintenance Options

Your commercial landscaping maintenance services begin with an onsite maintenance assessment, general consulting for any planned landscaping projects on the property, and professional recommendations for solving any particular drainage issues. Additionally, Duffy’s Outdoor will gladly offer consultations for upcoming landscaping excavation projects for your commercial property—with the varied terrain around the metropolitan area, you should consult always an expert from a St. Louis landscape design company.

Our metropolitan area, commercial landscaping services include:

  • Commercial landscaping services
  • Commercial lawn/landscape maintenance programs
  • Complete landscape renovation projects
  • Erosion control assessments, corrective grading, and installation of any necessary appropriate drainage features (e.g. French drains, water runoff channels, stonework, etc.)
  • Land clearing and excavation
  • Landscape design services and project implementation
  • Turf maintenance programs, sod installation, re-sodding, planting and seeding, overseeding, thatching, etc.
  • Irrigation and sprinkler system design, installation and repairs as needed
  • Parking garage sweeping
  • Hardscape design and installation projects including:
    • Exterior lighting installation or temporary/seasonal lighting
    • Paved,concrete or stone patios, driveways and walkways
    • Retaining wall design and installation
    • Other hardscape design projects, installation and/or maintenance services
  • Weed control and mowing

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Duffy’s Outdoor provides many seasonal, commercial landscaping maintenance services including:

  • Brush removal or land clearing requiring brush removal
  • Custom designed flower programs, planting and care
  • Fall cleanup and maintenance for winter
  • Leaf removal from the grounds, also leaf and plant debris removal from open landscape irrigation
  • Mulching for spring plantings or to protect annual plants or trees
  • Pond maintenance, general maintenance for other water features
  • Pruning (plants, bushes and trees)
  • Commercial snow removal service

Seasonal Maintenance for Commercial Landscape Irrigation and Water Features

Duffy’s Outdoor also provides commercial landscaping maintenance for ponds and other water features.  Ponds and water features require seasonal maintenance as well.  Many commercial properties shut down parts of the irrigation systems or prepare landscape irrigation systems for winter before the first freeze.

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