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One of the leading St. Louis, metropolitan area, pond maintenance companies, Duffy’s Outdoor provides general pond maintenance service in St. Louis County and St. Charles, Missouri.  We offer homeowners and businesses alike pond, lake and water feature (and fountains) services for their landscapes and lawns.  As a highly rated member of the Better Business Bureau, you can rely on our service to get your pond(s) ready for spring and summer or for winterization services of piping, pumps, fountains, irrigation systems and/or drainage systems.

If you have issues with property land gradients, Duffy’s Outdoor offers light excavation and assistance for erosion control issues.  It is quite common for ponds and lakes with dirt embankments to have the occasional seepage issue.  If this is an ongoing problem, you may want to install runoff channels for the pond and/or for rainwater.  We also work with hardscaped areas, so, if your pond and/or water feature is in a hardscaped setting, we can of course prepare your pond(s) for spring and summer use or shutdown your systems for winter.

We also offer general fall cleanup services for landscapes and ponds.  Do not hesitate to contact us for a consultation and professional recommendations to keep your water features, landscapes and hardscapes attractive year round.

Pond Maintenance Service Is Available in St. Louis from Duffy’s Outdoor

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St. Louis Pond Maintenance Service from Duffy’s Outdoor

Duffy’s Outdoor provides a wide range of landscaping, hardscaping and general pond maintenance service including seasonal preparation or shutdown services (system winterization).  Some of our general services for landscape-integrated water features and ponds include:

  • Pond Maintenance and Water Features—Duffy’s Outdoor provides general pond maintenance service including installation work, general repairs, seasonal preparation services for ponds, fountains, water features, landscaping streams or other water design elements in your landscape; from consultation to design to installation to pond maintenance service and general repairs, Duffy’s Outdoor provides service for commercial and residential customers throughout St. Louis County and in St. Charles, Missouri—please let us know what kind of service you need for ponds, lakes, fountains or other water features
  • Drainage Systems—drainage systems can be essential components of pond and landscape design; Duffy’s Outdoor provides consultations, installs drainage after land gradient assessments, installs French drains, sump pumps, trench drains, and other lawn or landscaping drainage equipment; additionally, we winterize systems and provide seasonal services including spring and summer preparations; we also clear debris from drainage systems, ponds, lakes and water features
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems—we design, install and bury commercial or residential irrigation and sprinkler systems for landscaping; we also offer customers design recommendations, general consultations, irrigation system installation and landscaping work, and we repair systems and provide seasonal services from winterization and shutdowns or we can offer pond maintenance service to prepare your pond(s) for spring and summer usage
  • Erosion Control—from design to pond and water feature installation, erosion control can always be a problem; we assess land gradients on commercial and residential properties and recommend erosion control problems to avoid or channel any seepage; we can also shore up pone banks, create overflow channels, or recommend drainage and/or irrigation equipment that may solve your pond maintenance service requirements
  • Land Clearing and/or Light Excavation—from design to construction, Duffy’s Outdoor can provide light excavation for new ponds or other water features; this is frequently necessary for overflow drainage, rainwater runoff or for ponds with drainage systems, additionally, irrigation equipment may be connected with such setups
  • Retaining Walls—Duffy’s Outdoor also designs and installs retaining walls; this service is frequently for driveways or terraced landscapes, but many pond owners, particularly those with hardscapes, prefer to have retaining walls along ponds or as other features in their commercial or residential landscapes

Additional services related to pond and water feature maintenance includes sod or turf installation, which is usually necessary for pond or lake embankments, and hardscaping work or maintaining hardscape features such as ponds with water fountains and/or other water features on your property.

Learn more about Duffy’s Outdoor services for commercial or residential properties in the St. Louis area.

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