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Residential and Commercial, Landscaping Irrigation Systems St. Louis:  Design, Installation, Maintenance, Repairs and Winterization

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For professional, residential or commercial landscape irrigation systems assessments, design, excavation, installation, maintenance, repairs or winterization services, contact your local St. Louis landscaping company, Duffy’s Outdoor.  As professional landscapers, the staff at Duffy’s Outdoor offer years of experience in the local market.  We are experienced with all aspects of high-end residential lawn or commercial landscaping irrigation systems, and the unique challenges posed by the widely varying terrains and property gradients that are so common throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Ask for Help with Irrigation Systems for Your Lawn or Commercial Landscaping—Contact Duffy’s Outdoor for System Design, Installation, Maintenance, Repairs or Winterization

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Irrigation Systems for St. Louis Landscapes

When you contact Duffy’s Outdoor for help with your landscaping irrigation systems, or for initial consultations for designing a landscape irrigation and drainage system, you will get an honest, on-site assessment of all aspects of creating and/or integrating irrigation and sprinkler systems into your current landscape, lawn or new landscaping project.  Duffy’s Outdoor staff will provide an on-site assessment to meet your criteria for new designs or for general maintenance and repairs.

For complete system design and installation, Duffy’s Outdoor provides many services including:

Hardscaping Features and Irrigation Systems Integration

Additionally, many high-end residential properties and many commercial properties in St. Louis have hardscaped areas (hardscaping), and perhaps as or more importantly, retaining walls or terraced retaining walls, throughout landscapes, particularly on driveways or facing streets in many of the hilly areas throughout the metropolitan area.   Duffy’s Outdoor also designs and implements single or terraced retaining walls depending on your property’s layout or your personal preferences.  We will gladly offer an on-site assessment concerning integrating irrigation systems into existing landscapes, hardscapes or planned hardscaping projects.

Learn more about Duffy’s Outdoors’ services that will meet your needs for landscaping and hardscaping consultation, design, implementation, integration, completion and seasonal services.  Many irrigation systems require winterization or seasonal maintenance—Duffy’s Outdoor can help you with your irrigation and drainage systems as well as maintain residential or commercial landscapes.

For Professional Landscaping Assistance with Irrigation Systems in St. Louis—Contact Duffy’s Outdoor

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