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Professional Groundskeeper for St. Louis Commercial and High-End Residential Properties

Landscape and Hardscape Design, Installation and Maintenance

If you have substantial high-end residential, commercial, healthcare, industrial or government properties in need of a professional groundskeeper in the St. Louis area, then call Duffy’s Outdoor for a wide range of landscape services.  Our services include land clearing and excavation, general landscaping services, or commercial landscaping maintenance services, and hardscape design, installation and maintenance.  If you already have a landscaped property in need of a professional groundskeeper then contact Duffy’s Outdoor today for a site assessment and quote on services in St. Louis, St. Louis County, or in St. Charles, Missouri.

For Help from a Professional Groundskeeper—Contact Duffy’s Outdoor

Call Duffy’s Outdoor for Grounds-keeping and Professional Landscaping Services: (636) 861-7172

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More than Grounds-Keeping

As your professional groundskeeper in St. Louis, Duffy’s Outdoor offers more than just upkeep and maintenance services for landscaped or hardscaped properties.  At Duffy’s Outdoor, we also design, install and maintain landscapes and hardscapes (paved areas, stonework paths, patios, pool areas, retaining walls, or decorative landscapes focusing on stone design and arrangement), and water features.  We also provide seasonal groundskeeper services ranging from flower planting, mowing and mulching to fall cleanup and irrigation system winterization to parking garage sweeping and snow removal.

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St. Louis Groundskeeper Services

With the varied terrain, hillocks, slopes, cliffs, run-offs, small creeks and other features so common in the St. Louis metropolitan area, general maintenance and landscape design can pose considerable difficulties on some properties.  Duffy’s Outdoor provides general commercial and residential maintenance programs as well as landscape design, excavation, and construction of hardscapes, retaining walls or irrigation systems.

We offer general landscaping, hardscaping and onsite, maintenance assessment services for properties including general grounds-keeping services or for specific projects including:

We look forward to assessing your commercial, government, residential or other property for landscaping and hardscaping projects.  With Duffy’s Outdoor, you can rely on the services of a professional, local St. Louis area groundskeeper for residential and commercial properties.

For Professional Landscaping—Contact Duffy’s Outdoor for a Groundskeeper

Call Duffy’s Outdoor for Landscape Design and Maintenance: (636) 861-7172

Business Fax Line: (636) 552-0026

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