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Retaining Wall Prices

Retaining Wall Prices in St. Louis for Landscapes and Hardscapes

Local Retaining Wall Design and Installation Services

Retaining wall prices in the St. Louis metropolitan area can vary drastically depending on the scope of the project and the land features of the property.  One retaining wall on a flat yard will most likely be much cheaper than tiered or terraced decorative walls for hilly property.  Land curvature, drainage, water runoff patterns, and of course, the desires of the customer are all factors that can play a substantial part of overall retaining wall prices

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Factors for Retaining Wall Prices

Every residential situation is unique, particularly landscaping.  The best way to get a full estimate of retaining wall prices in St. Louis, St. Louis County or St. Charles County, MO, is to contact Duffy’s Outdoor for an assessment and a thorough breakdown of costs (labor, products, etc.) for installing your landscaping or hardscaping retaining walls.  A few of the factors that go into the retaining wall prices for landscaping, driveways, yard retaining walls for sidewalks and streets, or even just decorative hardscape retaining walls include:

  • Design service for the wall(s)
  • Land clearing and site excavation estimates and any digging equipment rentals
  • Materials costs (concrete, mortar, stones, brick, decorative stones, etc.)
  • Labor for the project, installation costs
  • Exterior lighting or recessed hardscape lighting (optional) and wiring/electrician costs
  • Changes to any landscaping or hardscapes for drainage
  • Drainage systems if needed, and installation of drains, trenches, French drains, etc.
  • Sod, turf and lawn installation (where applicable) to restore landscaping
  • Walkways, sidewalks, pathways, etc. (optional, depending on your retaining wall needs—you may need to check with your municipality if the wall is on a street or public sidewalk)
  • Local permits if required

Other expenses may include integration into a terraced landscape, matching stonework or hardscape materials to existing walls, pool areas, walkways, patios, and other features.   If you want security lighting, recessed lighting or decorative lighting, the prices will vary accordingly to meet a customer’s landscaping, or desired effect.

Duffy’s Outdoor is a local St. Louis landscape design service with experience building retaining walls in the varied terrains around the metropolitan area.

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