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Retaining Wall Price

Retaining Wall Price for St. Louis Area Properties

Get a Quote on a Retaining Wall Price from a Local Contractor

Whatever your reasons for needing a retaining wall price quote, construction and installation of retaining walls, hardscaping, pathways, exterior lighting or recessed exterior lighting in retaining walls, or for other landscaping design requirements, contact Duffy’s Outdoor for expert residential and commercial services.  Consider all of your options for designing your retaining wall(s).  Associated hardscapes, recessed exterior lighting, pathways and drainage, are factors to consider during the design phase for retaining wall(s).

An onsite assessment of your property allows us to provide you with an accurate quote that covers all the costs involved in your retaining wall price.  You can always call us for a full-service assessment and onsite consultation, a thorough quote, and exceptional work and service.

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Understand All the Factors that Affect Your Retaining Wall Price

When you consider all of your requirements for a retaining wall, get the advice of professional contractors from a local, St. Louis landscape design service, who can indicate how a retaining wall may change drainage or water flow from heavy downpours.  Irrigation, sprinklers, or just drainage (e.g. trenches, French drains, and channels along stonework, pathways and hardscaped areas), and water runoff from downpours can affect retaining walls and other hardscapes or landscape features.

Get the information that you need to understand all of the factors that go into a quote or retaining wall price for residential or commercial properties.

Some of the factors to consider when determining your St. Louis, retaining wall price include:

  • Size and scope of the retaining wall installation
  • Land clearing and site excavation based upon land gradient of the property
  • Single, multiple or tiered/stepped retaining wall designs
  • Stonework prices and stone or brick selection (materials selection)
  • Exterior lighting or recessed exterior lighting for retaining walls
  • Additional hardscapes including stone or concrete pathways, driveway repaving (or original construction), pool areas, decks, sidewalks, or other features
  • Drainage systems, drainage consideration, irrigation, and water runoff from rain—you do not want rainwater undermining the foundation of your new retaining wall(s)
  • Soil restoration around the excavated site including sod, turf and lawn installation, and replanting grass or other plants
  • Water features, ponds, pools, streams or other features that may affect water runoff and drainage
  • Additional particular factors determined by site assessment of your property
  • Maintenance considerations

Local Retaining Wall Contractors, Affordable Supplies

Once again, request the assistance of knowledgeable, local retaining wall contractors that know the soil conditions and drainage needs for land in the St. Louis metropolitan area (or in St. Charles, Missouri)—all of this can affect your retaining wall price.

Additionally, since we work with many local suppliers, our retaining wall price and materials costs are certainly competitive.  Depending on your selections, we may be able to get you discounted prices for materials, equipment, lighting and stone for your retaining wall(s) and pathways since we work with local suppliers.

Your retaining wall price can be affordable and should increase the property value of your land.

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