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Retaining Wall Contractors—Design and Installation by Duffy’s Outdoor

Local St. Louis Retaining Wall Contractors

Your local, St. Louis area and St. Charles area, retaining wall contractors, Duffy’s Outdoor, have the experience needed for retaining wall construction, stepped retaining walls and terrace retaining walls; for smaller projects including driveway retaining walls; or for larger work on retaining walls on the edges of properties on streets or highways.  Duffy’s Outdoor provides general landscaping services, hardscaping, drainage and irrigation design and installation, retaining wall construction, and commercial landscaping maintenance services throughout the year including snow removal, pruning and yard work.

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Thorough Estimates for St. Louis Metropolitan Landowners

Duffy’s Outdoor, local, St. Louis metropolitan, retaining wall contractors, provides thorough estimates on all projects.  Request a quote and site assessment for your home or business/municipal project(s).  We will gladly work to upkeep and maintain high-end and residential lawns, as well as commercial landscaping where retaining walls may be a necessity depending on the land gradient of the commercial property.

Experienced landscaping, hardscaping, and retaining wall contractors will gladly provide a thorough quote for any work that you request.  Some of the factors involved in a quote include:

  • Scope and size of the overall project
  • Estimates on materials costs and labor for retaining walls, terrace walls and support structures for land with noticeable land gradients
  • Materials selection for stonework
  • Land clearing and excavation, turf, sod, and grass replanting
  • Stonework pathways, sidewalks, concrete patios, deck work, and general hardscaping, etc., to take advantage of the land supported by a retaining wall
  • Options for exterior lighting for retaining walls and stone pathways including recessed lighting in the stonework
  • Labor costs for the project
  • Water features and ponds that can affect drainage and water runoff
  • Onsite maintenance assessment for residential, commercial or government clients desiring ongoing maintenance for landscaping or even retaining walls since, over the years, retaining walls may settle from the weight of the soil and need repairs

Review Quotes from Retaining Wall Contractors

Be sure to review all of the factors that go into retaining wall construction. Contact retaining wall contractors in order to get a quote on materials, labor and other costs (such as additional drainage or exterior lighting) associated with retaining wall construction.  A representative from Duffy’s Outdoor will gladly go over all of the details and factors that are particular to your piece of land.

Let us know how we can help you turn your landscaping and hardscaping dreams into reality!

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